MOScout Daily Update: Blunt Keeps Powder Dry - Galloway PAC Adds $100K - Kick-offs and more...

Blunt Keeps Powder Dry

KCStar’s Bryan Lowry reports that US Senator Roy Blunt “a member of Senate Intel and GOP leadership, says he won’t have much to say on the whistleblower complaint and other disclosures until Intel [Committee] has a chance to gather more information.”

This seems like just being cognizant of one’s possible role in the constitutional process and letting it play out in a fair and impartial way.

But others see it as telling….

·         Democratic operative Jac Cardetti tweets “Roy Blunt is one of the smartest political operators in America. It’s telling that he’s not aggressively rushing to the President’s defense.”

·         And former Republican state senator John Lamping replies that “Yeah, it tells you he’s not running for re-election in ‘22.”


Kick Offs

Dispatches from last night’s kick-offs…

·         Senate 19: Just left Caleb Rowden's campaign kick-off tonight. Good event with a good mix of local business leaders and influential folks. Including many who supported Stephen Webber last time. Good crowd for a Thursday night.

·         Senate 7: Great turnout for Greg Razer's event tonight. It was cool to see a room full of new faces and real life people and not just party faithful and lobbyists. He's getting quite the following here.


The real news is what you don’t see… opponents. 

·         Razer has yet to have a primary opponent emerge.

·         And in Senate 17, there’s been talk but nothing firm in terms of a Republican opponent for Sen. Lauran Arthur.


Pro-Galloway PAC Lands $100K

As the quarter end approaches, the PAC supporting Auditor Nicole Galloway landed some big checks, catching up a bit of ground against the steamroller Parson PAC.   She’s tapping two big Dem constituencies: labor and trial attorneys.  Keep Government Accountable recorded:

·         $50,000 from Operating Engineers.

·         $50,000 from law firms.



·         The Missouri Ethics Commission fined Lewis Reed, President of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen, $1,844 for taking corporate contributions.  See it here.

·         Chris Dunn speaks softly, but people listen.  On twitter he corrects Rep. Deb Lavender about the tax cuts impact on corporate tax receipts.  See it here.

·         Why the Senate’s Committee on Drug Price Transparency might get some traction?  US healthcare costs are far greater than other nations.  See it here.


eMailbag on KC Tax Hike

KCPS blaming their tax hike on charter schools and the county is peak KCPS. Zero accountability and responsibility for anything they ever do.  That being said, they made the right decision. This is the only way they will be able to generate additional revenue. No chance anyone bites for a levy increase after the county tax debacle. But it’s so annoying to see them shirk responsibility for the choice they UNANIMOUSLY made together.


Weekender Preview

Senate 19 poll coming, and the Hallway looks at impeachment impacting MO politics….


Help Wanted

House Dems seek Director of Communications.  “Expected salary range of $50,000 to $55,000… Primary responsibilities include directing social media content on behalf of the House Democratic Caucus using a variety of platforms and managing content on the Caucus website. Duties also include creating news releases, talking points, speeches and other written materials as requested by Democratic lawmakers. The selected candidate must be available to work extremely long hours during the legislative session from January through May…” See it here.


$5K+ Contributions

MO State Council of Fire Fighters PAC - $10,000 from IAFF FirePAC VIC Missouri.

Viceroy PAC - $10,000 from Golden Entertainment.

Keep Government Accountable - $50,000 from Operating Engineers Local 101 PAC.

Keep Government Accountable - $25,000 from Strong Garner Bauer PC.

Keep Government Accountable - $25,000 from SWMS Law.         



Happy birthdays to Rep. Becky Ruth, Richard Moore, David Sweeney, and Paul Wagner.

Saturday: Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick, Rep. Tommie Pierson Jr., Alix Cossette, Sam Gladney, Michael Brown, Nathan Cooper, and Dana Loesch.

Sunday: Erin Brower, Lee Ann Pitman, Rich Magee, Brad Jones and Benjamin Terrell.



Stephanie and David Willis on the birth of their son John Richard Willis.

And to Mackenzie and Michael Moorefield on the birth of their son Jackson John Moorefield.